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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get my vehicle detailed?

Just like having an oil change to maintain the life of your vehicle’s engine, detailing maintains the life of the interior and exterior parts of your vehicle.

How often should I have my vehicle detailed?

This is a personal preference. However a good rule of thumb is to have a full (Level 4) detail performed, once to twice a year.    For interest in having your vehicle detailed on a more frequent schedule, please contact us to discuss options.

How long will it take to service my vehicle?

Times will vary based off the services being performed to the vehicle. The approximate time for each service or package is listed on the Services page.

Where do I drop off my vehicle?

We are a mobile detailing service located in Louisville,Ky. We come to your location. Office or residential.  Additional service fee applies for locations outside of a 25 mile radius of Louisville, Ky.  The service rate  is $1.89 per mile over the 25 mile radius, example 30 miles from Louisville, 30 – 25 = 5 miles.  5 miles x $1.89 = $9.45 service charge.

Are you available on weekends?

We are available Monday through Saturday. Hours: 8 AM – 7PM. Please contact us via the Appointments tab to expedite scheduling an appointment.

Do you work during the winter weather?

Since we primarily work on vehicles outside, weather plays a large role. Our working conditions must be above 35 degrees Fahrenheit and no precipitation to ensure the quality we pride ourselves on.  If you would like to schedule during the winter months/or periods of inclement weather, we must have the above conditions to provide our services.  Should we not be able to complete the work due to the weather conditions, we will contact you to reschedule the appointment.

How can I contact you directly?

We can be reached by phone at (502) 804-8942, or by email at